The IAREBT is an association that provides academic training of excellence worldwide.
REBT is an evidenced based approach of psychotherapy that captures the attention of thousands of professionals and researchers in the mental health and education field around the world.
A central aspect of our mission is to train mental health professionals and educators to apply this knowledge in session and to increase public awareness about the efficacy of REBT in psychotherapy.

Our vision

To unite REBT practitioners around the world, considering cross-cultural aspects, scientific evidence and rationality as a philosophy of life. 

Our mission

To disseminate the theory and practice of REBT around the world using high-quality academic criteria.

If you share our mission and vision, you are welcome to join us.

By joining our community, you will have lots of benefits.


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Disseminate the practice of REBT around the globe in different fields of mental health, education, and organizations.


Promote research in REBT related topics.


Train and certify professional service providers in REBT.


Organize congresses, workshops and other academic events on topics related to REBT.

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