Understanding and Dealing with our own beliefs as REBT therapists.

Summary of presentation:

Our own beliefs as therapists are a factor that can be risky and interfere with our psychological health, and our effectiveness and efficiency in our clinical work as well. These beliefs can lead to problems in the therapeutic relationship, slowness, lack of progress or interruption in treatment. They can help clients move forward, making effective and adaptive psychological changes, or represent an obstacle to their progress or reaching their therapeutic goals.

During this webinar participants would expect to:

  1. Understand the role of their own beliefs in the therapeutic process, including current research regarding this matter.
  2. Learn how their beliefs can help or interfere in their competences and skills during the process of psychotherapy.
  3. Learn what are the common irrational beliefs relevant to the therapist and therapeutic process such as perfectionism, need of approval, frustration intolerance, among others.
  4. Discover how to work with our own beliefs and incorporate suggestions to deal with these unhelpful beliefs competently.


Natalia Ferrero.

Director of Psicotrec, an IAREBT accredited training center in Peru. Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. She has more than 20 years of experience as a REBT & CBT therapist, trainer and supervisor. Master’s degree in Third Generation Psychological Therapies, Universidad de Valencia, Spain. Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavior Therapy. President of the Peruvian Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (ASPETECC). Member of the Board of the Latin American Federation of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies (ALAPCCO). International lecturer in REBT & CBT. Co-author of "REBT and CBT resource book for clinicians”, book chapters, handouts, and articles on REBT in English and Spanish.

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