We are committed to disseminate REBT around the globe, through our accredited training centers worldwide. Our certification program includes 4 consecutive levels of training, according to the following guidelines.

Level 1: Foundational Training in REBT

Description: In this first level of training, the participants will learn the core principles of REBT and the ABC framework, as well as how to apply them to the most prevalent clinical problems (e.g.: anxiety, depression, and anger). Successful fulfillment of this level does not mean the participant is capable of providing REBT without supervision.

Eligibility: minimum requirements for enrollment in Level 1: Foundational Training in REBT are:

  • Licensed to practice as a psychologist, psychotherapist, therapist, or counselor.
  • Proof of degree in Psychology or mental health fields (*) (Ex. Nurses, SW, OT, Educators, Physicians, Speech therapists).

(*) Other mental health professionals or allies (“paraprofessionals”) will only be able to participate in levels 1 and 2 since they do not qualify for certification as psychotherapists.

Learning objectives: At the end of Level 1, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the core principles and practice of REBT.
  • Describe the basic theoretical principles underlying the REBT framework, including the theory of disturbance.
  • Conduct an ABC assessment for the most clinically prevalent problems (ex. depression, anger, and anxiety).
  • Collaboratively apply relevant REBT disputation and homework strategies.
  • Identify the most common errors when practicing REBT, and ways to amend them.
  • Begin to apply the REBT framework to themselves.
  • Demonstrate awareness on the research reporting the efficacy of REBT.

Training requirements: The training will have a minimum of 26 hours in total, divided as follow:

  • Lectures: 14 hours.
  • Live peer REBT practice: 12 hours (*).

*Participants will be required to participate in 100% of the hours of training.


For more information regarding contents, required reading, evaluation system, etc.: contact: training@iarebt.org

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