We are committed to disseminate REBT around the globe, through our accredited training centers worldwide. Our certification program includes 4 consecutive levels of training, according to the following guidelines.

Level 3: REBT Therapist certification

Description: In this level of training, participants will receive the higher degree as REBT therapists, by learning how to address clients with difficult problems as well as going to a year of supervision of sessions with real clients. Successful fulfillment of this level means the participant is capable of providing REBT without constant supervision.

Eligibility: minimum requirements for enrollment in Level 3: REBT Therapist Certification are *:

  • Successful approval of Level 2 (Intermediate Training in REBT) or proof of approval of the Advanced Certificate Practicum in RE&CBT by the Albert Ellis Institute. 
  • Proof of being currently active in clinical practice. 

(*) Level 3 is only open to psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, and psychiatrists legally able to practice psychotherapy in their country. A proof of license to practice is required.

Learning objectives: At the end of Level 3, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the application of REBT to clinical populations.
  • Develop confidence in disputation and homework assignments.
  • Understand disorders and complex presentations from the REBT perspective.
  • Describe REBT treatment planning for specific diagnostic presentations.
  • Describe considerations for treatment of comorbid presentations.
  • Demonstrate skills when working with more than one clinical problem and in the application of advanced REBT interventions in all stages of therapy: from admission to termination/discharge.

Training requirements: The training will have a minimum of 34 hours in total including in-training plus after-training supervision and 2 case studies.


For more information regarding contents, required reading, evaluation system, etc.: contact: training@iarebt.org

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